"SEEDTIME" was first registered on December 8, 2009. Registration number: 8013721. We are NGO that aims to improve the financial capability of low-income families by doing micro- business’ and career advancement. We help organizations and individuals to make changes in their communities through business trainings.


of Graduates

Want to start a business?

Our basic business training covers all aspects of starting a business, from: understanding what a business is, developing business ideas, basic market research, marketing, planning and business finance.

Make your business better?

Our level 2 business training is for people who already own a small business. With this training, you can learn: how to develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), how to manage and develop your staff, how to manage and develop your processes, and how to use data to improve your business’s performance.

Your future is in your hands!

In this training we teach the basics of how to understand your skills and the kind of jobs you could use those skills for. This training also covers how to write C.V.s, cover letters, and how to be successful in a job interview.

Customer Service

Gaining a better understanding of your customers is essential for business and organisational success. Learn how to engage your customers so that they feel like they are partners with you in your business. This short seminar shows you how to do it.

Leadership and Brand Development

Leadership and brand development are increasingly important skills that businesses, organisations and churches need in order to be effective today. This seminar helps you to understand the importance of leadership, and the different types of leadership that are necessary for organisational success. Then, we explore the correct definition of ‘brand’, and how you and your team can develop your organisation’s unique brand.

PPT How to…

Have you ever nearly fallen asleep during a PowerPoint presentation? Have you ever wondered how to make PowerPoint more effective for your organisation? PowerPoint has been in use for more than 20 years, but there are very few organisations that know how to use it effectively. This short seminar helps you to understand how to use PowerPoint (or Keynote, Impress, etc), more effectively for your organisation.

Training fee


Successful Business’ 4 Principle
2 hours training. Depends on the number of people 5,000 MNT - 10,000 ₮


“CDP” Career development training 15,000 ₮

  • a. Who am I? 2 hours training 5000 ₮
  • b. How to write good CV? 2 hours training 5000 ₮
  • c. How to prepare for interview 2 hours training 5000 ₮

Listening skill training 90minutes. Depends on the number of people 5,000 MNT - 10,000 ₮


20-hours Start-up Business training 40,000 ₮, 2 weeks in the afternoon


Make Your Business Better 20 hours of training is 50,000 ₮


6. How to communicate with your clients 2-hour course depending on the number of people, 5000 ₮ -10,000 ₮